Our Story

NewEarth Now!

Our Vision:  NewEarth Now envisions a community where people have the courage, confidence and capability to discover and share their unique talents and knowledge. In nurturing this essential part of themselves, they will find a deep source of contentment and compassion. This in turn will allow them to reach out in a non-competitive, encouraging spirit and inspire others to do the same, thereby enriching an ever-expanding community.

Our Mission:  We believe that everyone is born with a unique ability, an individual part to play in the orchestra of life. This gift is just waiting to be discovered and developed and NewEarth Now can help you find it. We have created a supportive environment where individuals can develop their gifts and awaken to their true selves with opportunities to perform, experiment, collaborate and share their awakened spirit.

Our Current Programs

  • Monthly Granary Showcase: This monthly event gives musicians, of every experience level, a chance to perform on stage. We have seen people grow and expand their abilities using the Granary Stage as a platform and an incentive to become their dream.
  • Tuesday Night Jams:  Singers and musicians, old and young, come together every Tuesday to play and take turns performing their work under the direction of Johnny and Kathy Robinson.
  • Practice Sessions for Performers and Bands: Throughout the week, Johnny Robinson works with individual local performers and bands to practice for performances at the Granary and other local venues.
  • Classes for Musicians:  Johnny teaches piano classes that are all about fun, learning quickly and playing in a group with other musicians
  • Community Concerts:  Since opening, there have been many concerts held at the Granary. For many, all 75 seats have been sold out.
  • Poetry Night:  At these monthly get-togethers started by professional writer and published poet Anne Barney, participants share their own poems, short stories or songs or those of their favorite writers with a warm and receptive audience of all ages and levels of talent.
  • Other Classes:  Other classes that have been offered include The Art of Story-telling, Drumming, Jewelry making, Healthy Eating, Irish Step dancing, writer’s group, and more
  • Outdoor trips:  Beyond the confines of the Granary building, NEN organizes outdoor adventures that include hiking, camping, caving, tubing, etc. and the opportunity for people to try new experiences and build connections with others.

New Earth Now – Became a 501(c)3 in March of 2015. We need a monthly financial base of $2500 per month to keep a part time executive director and to pay the rent and overhead. If you want to help us expand please consider making a donation or a monthly pledge to be a part of this dream.

If you want to make a pledge to help reach our goal click here (click on donate button or email your pledge intentions or call Johnny at (304) 268-8141

New Earth Now board members: Johnny and Kathy Robinson – Stan Oaks – Anne Murphy Oswald

We are located at 143 N. Mercer St in Berkeley Springs, WV 25411